Beginners Guide: 5 things to know before starting CrossFit training

We’ve created this page to help ease any anxieties that a beginner crossfitter might have. It’s completely normal to feel anxious and nervous when first starting something new. Humans like familiarity. It’s comfortable to stay in your comfort zone. But as everyone knows, growth never comes by staying here. It can be daunting walking into a gym for the first time. You might fear failure, injuries or just feeling/ looking like an idiot. We’ve got some great advice and tips for you. So, read on! It’s time to overcome any fears and get started.

1. Do not worry about looking silly

It’s completely normal for humans to have a fear of looking silly. In fact, many people live their lives making different choices based on fears of embarrassment. Making no risks will never get you anywhere. And often the route of avoiding certain paths due to fear leads to misery and unfulfillment. When it comes to Crossfit, people have different outcome goals. But despite clients being there for various different fitness reasons, you will all share one common goal- to better yourself. No one will be judging someone who is trying to better themselves when they’re doing the exact same. Self-improvement is all that should matter. There’s nothing silly about changing your lifestyle and trying something new.

2. Failure

Ok, admittedly, failure is never fun. But unfortunately, it’s something everyone has to face at some point in their life. And it’s true that the most successful people will fail more times than the average. You’ll never succeed at anything if you don’t try. In addition, you don’t have anything to prove to anyone. Always remember that you are doing this for yourself. So whatever people think isn’t relevant. And actually, 99% of people you meet during CrossFit will want to encourage and motivate you.

3. Love rest days

You might think this is an obvious one. But once you start to witness all the amazing benefits CrossFit can bring to your life, you’ll never want to stop. CrossFit will give you so many benefits (physically and mentally), that it’s only natural that you might become slightly addicted. This is a normal reaction to something that impacts your life in a positive way. As also when it becomes part of your routine. However, rest days are vital to your progress in CrossFit. In fact, they are just as important as working out. Working out breaks your body tissues down. And rest days will allow your muscles, nerves and bones to rebuild. It’s all part of the process.

4. Patience

Patience is so important in any sport. It’s a huge shame how many people give up because they see no progress physically. Unfortunately, the results won’t show overnight. But this doesn’t mean they’re not happening. Consistency and perseverance is the key to obtaining the goal you’re aiming for. Some people even say that patience is an athlete’s most powerful tool. One step at a time. And you’ll see and feel those results in due time.

5. You’ll learn faster than expected

A lot of people might feel discouraged by the sheer amount of exercises and information involved with CrossFit. However, you’ll pick this up naturally and much quicker than you ever expected. No one’s expecting you to know everything straight away, so don’t put any unnecessary pressure on yourself. However, we do suggest if you’re a beginner and want to learn quickly or revise. Bring a notepad and write things down. This can give you confidence in knowing that all information is easily accessible and will also jog your memory. Trust the process and before you know it you’ll be a CrossFit pro.

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