Top tips on becoming a great CrossFit trainer

Coaching first, paycheck second

We’ll start with this because it’s so important. As a CrossFit trainer people are looking up to you for guidance and advice. You need to ensure that you’re there because you’re passionate about CrossFit and want to help others with the same passion succeed. You need to genuinely want to teach and help improve your clients’ lives. Of course, the money will come. But this should not be your main motivation.

You’ll be surprised how apparent it is when you’re not interested in something. It shows. Many of your clients will bounce off your energy and passion and you might even be there the main source of inspiration. So, it is vital that you’re teaching CrossFit for the right reasons. Money may be one motivation. But above that, there needs to be a passion for fitness and CrossFit. This should come first and be your primary reason for wanting to become a coach. There’s no doubt about it – your paycheck is well-deserved. CrossFit trainers deserve every cent and their time and effort should be rewarded. But there are so many other advantages of being a CrossFit trainer. For example, seeing your clients improvement and success. People will pick up if it’s contrariwise. It will be reflected in the way you teach, interact and your energy during sessions. Don’t just be there for the paycheck. Focus on what’s important.

Know when to teach, and when to motivate

If you see someone struggling or finding a session harder than usual. It’s time to step in and motive. A few encouraging words, or simply reminding them why they started can do the trick. Offer support, encouragement and always emphasize strength and health (it should never be about appearance).

If you can see a client is motivated and working hard during a session. It goes without saying, the last thing they want is a coach interrupting. If you have some constructive feedback, wait until the client has finished their exercise. No one wants to be stopped mid-workout. Interrupting someone’s flow can be frustrating and demotivating. Pick the right time to give feedback and motivate. Overcoaching is real.

Sidenote: of course, if you think the clients at risk of hurting themselves (or others) – step in immediately.

Give your clients a break

Giving your clients a break is vital. If a client is overworked and struggling, it may be best to let them rest. Overworking can lead to injury as tiredness can mean movements are performed incorrectly.
Also, give them a break in coaching too. Of course, clients want to hear your advice and constructive criticism. But too much of this can be extremely demotivating. Know when to give your clients breaks and let them do things for themselves. Knowing when to take a step back and simply observe makes a successful and respected coach.

Coach everyone

Everyone can be coached. Whether they have no fitness background whatsoever or they are a professional athlete. Your training should prepare you to teach all levels regardless of their abilities and indifferences. Of course, beginners need to learn the basics. They should require more guidance and attention. More experienced athletes will not need as much guidance. In fact, this is where you will need to motivate more than teaching. They will require much more motivation to ensure they are pushed to perform at a level you know they’re capable of.

Enjoy yourself

Of course, in any line of work, it’s important that you enjoy yourself. In some way or another. The more you enjoy the job, the better you’ll be. You should be having fun as a CrossFit coach, as well as being extremely focused on helping your clients reach their potential. Every job has its ups and downs admittedly. But the CrossFit experience should be positive overall. The good days should always outweigh the bad. As previously mentioned, you should be passionate about being a CrossFit coach. Not only will this help you but it will be massively helpful, motivating and inspiring for your clients.

Be professional

Lastly, keep it professional. It’s natural that you’ll create different bonds with your clients. You can become great friends with clients. But remember, don’t get involved with any gossip and drama ever. It’s likely you will hear gossip whilst coaching. So it’s imperative you stay away from that stuff and turn a blind eye. There’s nothing worse than if you’re heard badmouthing or getting caught up in any drama. You want your clients to trust you in every aspect and help there to be no divisions. Respect everyone equally. And remember you’re there to teach, inspire and lend a helping hand or ear when necessary.

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